Winter and Your Windshield

wwAuto glass is not immune to the effects of cold weather. If your windshield is already cracked there is a good chance it will only get worse during the cold months. There are several reasons for this but the biggest problem is the fact that glass will expand and contract as its temperature changes.

This means that as you defrost and heat your windows from a cold temperature to a warmer temperature the crack you already have has a good chance of getting worse.

Of course water or moisture will also affect this as moisture also expands so using hot or boiling water to defrost your window is a bad idea.

Turning your defrost on high can also have the same effect so it is always recommended that you defrost your windshield slowly starting with a lower heat setting and raising it as the glass warms up. Having a cracked windshield can be a hazard if it blocks your view in any way and it is also a great reason for the police to pull you over and ticket you.

Taking some time to look into repair

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3 Repairs Never To Do On Your Own

halIt’s easy to want to save money when it comes to car repairs. Oil changes and fluid replacements are simple tasks that many people do in the comfort of their own garage. Major repairs, however, are not something that should be done at home. Simple mistakes can lead to bigger issues and costlier repairs in the long run. Here are three car repairs you should never try at home.

1. Transmission Maintenance or Repair

Your transmission is one of the most intricate parts under your hood. Transmissions consist of thousands of small parts, and narrow passageways for hydraulic fluid. With so many parts and pieces, all essential to the performance and functionality of your transmission, there is a lot that can go wrong, and none of the scenarios are kind to your pocket.

Transmission repairs and maintenance should be left to professionals well versed in the intricate workings of this particular part.

2. Timing Belt Replacement

For your engine to run properly, it is essential that the necessary valves open and close at the appropriate times your engine intakes and exhausts. The synchronization of these valves are controlled by

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What To Know To Avoid Big Repair Bills

cxMost cars today operate on automated systems. They also have an array of hi-tech electrical devices which require an expert’s knowledge to be repaired. Just like other machines, cars breakdown. They encounter wear and tear causing the need for repairs. Visiting a repair shop when your car needs repair can be a baffling and a costly experience especially if the car keeps breaking down every now and then. However, this cost can be reduced, and you can end up spending less on auto repair. This article is going to explain to you what you need to know in order to avoid spending so much on repairs whenever you visit your mechanic.

1. Skip unnecessary maintenance.

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer need to change your oil after every 3,000 miles covered. Most synthetic motor oils can last for up to a year or more between oil changes. This is going to help you save a lot of cash that would otherwise have gone to unnecessary excessive oil changes.

2. Being proactive with vehicle maintenance and not pushing past its limits.

Probably you have heard in the

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The old car carries on for one more year before being redesigned to the new case for 2017. The car, presented a year ago, sees three new variations in 2016: a module mixture for ZEV states in view of a turbocharged 2.0-liter four increased with an 80-hp electric engine and a 6.2-kWh battery. The C400 is renewed as C300d and C450 AMG. The C300d is teen range cars with 362-hp, twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 and standard four-wheel drive.


Four-wheel-drive models now utilize the same nine-speed program as back drivers. Quit getting some information about the shooting brake; it does not launch into the U.S.


The world’s lone manufacturing plant restomod SUV gets a significantly all the more ludicrously over-the-top power-train. Surprisingly, the Mercedes-AMG offers Americans a V-12 in the engine of this 36-year-old truck, in the pretense of the 621-hp.


The GLK is changed into new GLC which mirrors a terminology change that adjusts Merc’s SUVs to its classic sedan, for this situation the smaller C-class. The GLC300 has a longer wheelbase than the GLK with sleeker outlook and 18 Mercedes Benz wheels (18 inch Mercedes wheels)

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Do I Have to Rotate My Car’s Tyres

The avid driver and car enthusiast will tell you that you should check your tyres, rotate your wheels, check the wheel alignment, and balance your wheels. Yet, many people are not sure about this and ask whether they should have their car’s tyres rotated. They also don’t really know how it should be done, either.

Do you have to rotate your car’s tyres? In a nutshell, the answer is yes. You have to rotate your car’s tyres. This is essential for the longevity of your car’s tyres and would mean that you don’t have to change them too often.

Why do you have to rotate your car’s tyres? The main reason for doing this is to achieve a uniform wear on all the tyres. All four tyres should, theoretically, wear at the same pace. The left tyres shouldn’t get worn quicker than the ones on the right hand side of the car. This process also ensures that irregularities related to the tyres are avoided.

When do you have to rotate your car’s tyres? This has to be done periodically and should form part of the tyre maintenance. If you take your car in for a service, then it will be done as

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Auto Alignments And Repairs

Auto alignments and repairs as performed by a professional auto repair shop will ensure that your tires perform better and last longer. Otherwise referred to as tire alignments, these wheel alignments will also improve handling. Additionally, they keep your vehicle from vibrating strangely and/or pulling in a single direction.

About Tire Alignments

Auto alignments and repairs typically involve adjustments to the car’s suspension. This suspension refers to the system that connects your vehicle to its wheels. Although most people assume that tire alignments involve adjusting the tires and wheels, this is not the case. Instead, the automotive repair technician will alter the angles of the wheels so that they make proper contact with the road.

Knowing If You Need an Auto Alignment

There are many ways to tell if your vehicle needs an alignment. In case you notice any of the following indicators, check your car in with a licensed auto alignment and repair service technician immediately:

a) Steering wheel vibration
b) Uneven tread wear
c) When the car pulls either to the right or to the left
d) If you notice that your steering wheel is off-center while you are driving straight

Camber, Caster, and Toe

Qualified auto alignment technicians are typically concerned with 3 main

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Truth About Pop and Dent Tent Services

Unfortunately, car owners are traumatized by accidents every day. When you get into an accident, you immediately begin to think about the cost of repairing the car and covering medical bills in case of injuries. It is easy to make the wrong decision about repairing your car in this state of mind. You must determine beforehand the repair service to use in case of an accident. Whenever you are involved in any accident, there will be uncertified mechanics who will immediately promise to repair your car at a low cost. Such mechanics offer roadside pops-a-dent services especially for minor accidents. Their low prices and promises about the safety of your car may easily tempt you, but the deal can be costly.

Roadside mechanics are not certified or insured to offer collision repair services. They offer dent removal services but may not repair any other damages to your car properly. In addition, the pops-a-dent tools used do not remove all the dents at once especially when the dents are large. Manufacturers of these tools guarantee no damage to your car’s paint only if the car has the original paint from the manufacturers. Hence, if you have repainted your car, you will

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Auto Windshield Repair

As the technology used to make autos safer over the past few years has developed, it has increased the cost of changing your vehicle’s windshield. Think about all the features now available for your car: Lane Departure Warning, Auto Braking, Automatic Windshield Wipers, Automatic Defog, Heads up display. All these features have something in common. They all rely on sensors that are mounted to your vehicle windshield. The Lane departure sensor usually has a small triangular shaped attachment at the top of your windshield that holds a camera. The camera is sending the view of the road back to a vehicle computer “watching” the way the car is driving in the lane. Automatic wipers have a rain sensor usually mounted near the rear view mirror which monitors the refraction of light from the windshield surface, this tells the vehicle when there is moisture on the windshield (presumably from rain) and triggers a response from the wipers. Depending on your vehicle options and settings, it may automatically start the wipers, or it may adjust the speed or delay time. Automatic Defog has a condensation sensor mounted on the windshield to monitor for the presence of condensation on the glass, and turn

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Hidden Auto Repair Costs You Should Know About

Many customers take their car to the garage for servicing or minor repairs and find themselves rubbing their eyes in disbelief when they are presented with the bill. Below are the top tricks of the trade to know about hidden auto repair costs.

Jacking Up The Bill After Quoting Low

Some garages deliberately low ball their price for a repair when giving an initial quote. When the car is at the workshop, they will call the customer and claim that the part they initially quoted for is different than the one needed to fix the car. The new part is twice as expensive, and the bill jumps up.

Charging Expensive Rates For Diagnostics

Many garages will charge an hour’s labor or an expensive flat rate for diagnostics. Diagnostics involves plugging a computer into the car that then gives details on the location of any faults with the vehicle. Half an hour is more than enough time for a mechanic to complete the whole diagnostic process and is the amount of time that should be billed to the customer.

Replacing Parts That Can Be Repaired

Garages will often recommend that a part be replaced and is worn beyond repair. However, unbeknownst to the customer, the mechanic has

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Tips for Making Used Cars Feel New Again

Purchasing used cars is a great way to save money, but some may feel as if they are not as nice looking as brand new vehicles. Many pre-owned vehicles are in excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically. Proper maintenance of both the inside and outside can add more life to the car and keep it looking great. For those who feel as if their used cars are in need of a little sprucing up, consider some of these tips.

Clean the Interior

Keeping the interior of the vehicle clean is one of the best ways to spruce up used cars. Pull everything out from the inside and the trunk, and vacuum the carpeting and seats thoroughly. Don’t forget to catch the corners, crevices, and anywhere else that dirt can collect. Remove the cup holders and wipe down the hard surfaces. Use an antibacterial cleaner to disinfect the steering wheel, handles, and all buttons, including the radio. Take some time to remove any stains on the upholstery using some upholstery cleaner.

Clean the Engine

A clean engine makes cars run more efficiently and look much nicer. Every month, wipe off any build-up with a shop towel. Spray a degreasing agent on the cloth and carefully

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Is My Car In Alignment

Bad roads can be your alignments worst enemy. If you live in an area with poorly maintained roads, with many pot holes, your alignment can be affected in a negative way.

Even the smallest alignment issue can cause uneven and premature tire wear. Be sure to have your alignment checked every few thousand miles. Uneven tire wear can become an expensive issue if not dealt with and fixed.

Keeping your car in alignment will help your tires last much longer, and help your vehicle drive smoother. In addition your car will require less energy to keep rolling down the road, potentially saving fuel depending on how out of alignment the vehicle was.

If a car is in alignment the tires should wear evenly across all the tread. If you’re noticing excessive wear on the rear inside tires, you may need an alignment or adjustment. Uneven tire wear can also result in worse gas mileage and more expense at the gas station.

There are some tell tale signs that could indicate a your wheels are out of alignment. Using your eyes, ears and hands are good ways for noticing poor alignment.

Here are some signs that you are dealing with poor alignment:

  • Your cars pulls to the
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Understanding What an Emissions Test Is

In some states, you have to have your car regularly inspected. Part of that inspection should include an emissions test. If your vehicle is new, you may not have to worry as much. However, older automobiles may have trouble. Catching potential problems and fixing them in advance can save you time and frustration.

What Are Emissions?

To understand how an emissions test works, you first must understand what the technicians are looking for when examining your vehicle. Simply put, as your automobile uses fuel to power the engine, combustion takes place. What is left over from this process comes out of your vehicle’s tailpipe. Because of the toxicity of the outflow, inspectors must ensure that these gases are within certain levels.

What Does an Emissions Test Look For?

To perform this examination on your vehicle, the technician places a sampler into the tailpipe. This piece of equipment samples the exhaust coming from your engine and reads what the level of gases are in parts per million.

The equipment is set to sense or “sniff” five different types of gases: NOX, O2, CO, CO2 and HC. NOX is the term for oxides of nitrogen and is produced by heating and compressing air containing nitrogen. This compound

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5 Must-Have Qualities in an Auto Body Repair Shop

You’ve been in an accident. You’ve traded insurance information with the other person and got everything sorted out except for who’s going to do your repairs. It might seem like your best option is to pick the cheapest auto body repair shop you can find. That isn’t actually a great idea if you only want the work done once. You might save money at first by going with a cheap collision shop; however, when you have to take it to a different shop to fix those cheap repairs, you’ll end up losing money. It’s best to get it right the first time. Here are some things to look for.

1. Car

Formally known as the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, I-Car is a nonprofit organization that trains specialists in different techniques. I-Car programs are not the only way to learn these techniques, but they are a great way to ensure that the person you’re hiring knows what he or she is doing. If you’re looking for a new technician, go with one who is I-Car-certified.

2. Water-Based Paint

Depending on your jurisdiction, water-based paint might be mandated by governmental regulations. Traditional car paint was made with volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are chemicals

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Have a Wheel Bearing Failure? Know This Crucial Information to Help

Common Reasons for Failure

• Improperinstallation

• Damaged seals present

• Recent accident suffered that’s causing damage

Anyone who has recently replaced a wheel bearing, even within the last year should know that if properly installed it shouldn’t fail again for its entire lifespan. The only way it could is if as mentioned above, there is a seal failure or a vehicle accident. Other failures can be from manufacturers defects or even a bad installation. Low mileage, unbalanced tires and bad shocks are also contributors but not as common.

Vehicle bearings are not parts that wear down like tires and brakes do. The majority of them will last the entire lifetime of the car without needing to be replaced. If one fails and the mechanic says both need replaced, find another mechanic. This is just not true! Steer clear of any mechanic that tries to sell a client on this repair.

Have the Right Tools to DIY

Anyone that plans on doing the work themselves when it comes to replacement should know it’s not hard but it does take some time. Making sure the right tools are available is a smart move. To change it one will need:

  • A 12-ton Hydraulic Press
  • Chilton’s Manual or similar

Damaging the hub and

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5 Likely Causes for an Overheating Car Engine

When your check engine light illuminates, it is often the first sign of car trouble. There are various reasons why your car’s check engine light could come on, from a loose gas cap or faulty chip, to a blown head gasket or something much worse. But when it comes to your engine overheating, there are 5 probable causes behind the problem. And the signs are not hard to see.

One of the first signs of an overheating car engine is usually seeing the temperature gauge nearing or exceeding the maximum internal engine temperature level illustrated on the dial. But most often, you just see smoke coming from the hood! You might also smell burning oil or fuel, which is another sign of your car engine overheating. Continue reading to learn five likely reason why your car engine is overheating.

Radiator Issues

There are two common radiator defects that can lead to a car engine overheating. First, you could have a bad radiator fan. This fan blows air over the radiator fins in order to help control the temperature of the coolant. If it comes loose, has broken shrouds, or spins freely when the engine is off, it cannot perform its intended duties, causing

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Giving Maintenance to Your Old Car Will Save You Money and Fuel

Engine oil is vital for proper functioning; if it is not changed it will clog and will not lubricate properly producing extra heat inside the engine. You may not notice this because the gauge on the dashboard may not show the extra heat. Oil is generally changed according to the mileage of your car, certain cars need it changed more often than others, your car manual has a section dedicated to this topic. As a general rule and depending on the car’s use, oil must be changed every two or three months. It is also important to change the oil filter because as the oil circulates inside the engine it picks up minuscule pieces of metal which can eventually produce wear and damage vital engine parts. A trick you can use to check the viscosity of your engine oil is to take out the oil stick and using your index and thumb take some oil from the tip of the stick and separate your fingers. If the oil stretches between your fingers it is good, if not you must have it changed.

Cars need oxygen for the combustion process. Clean air is necessary for the fuel to burn properly. This air

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What Is Heel and Toe Wear

Heel and toe wear refers to the partial wear of individual tread blocks, appearing as saw tooth wear, but in the direction of tyre rotation instead of across the tread. This wear pattern is most common on non-drive wheels, e.g. the rear wheels of a four wheel drive vehicle and can be corrected by more frequent tyre rotation.

Tyres are referred to as “feathered” when the tread is smooth on one side and sharp on another. This is usually a sign of poor toe alignment. This strain of tread wear means the inside or outside of the tread is significantly more worn than the center of the tread. As its name implies, positive or negative camber causes this type of wear.

Heel and toe wear happens when one side of your tread blocks wears down more quickly than the other in a circumferential direction. Causes of heel and toe wear can include rear toe error, and soft tyre tread compounds. Tread block squirm can be common on some all-season tyres. Lack of regular tyre rotation can also be a cause. Over inflation wear or excessive wear at the center tread area is characteristic of excessive inflation pressure. Over inflation wear also

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Honda Accord Repair Car Maintenance

Chances are if you don’t own a Honda, you probably know someone who does. As the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer, Honda creates popular vehicles that are durable, zippy, and dependable.

Some of the scheduled maintenance & services that your Honda car, truck or SUV may need include:

  • Oil Changes / Lube Service
  • Tune Ups
  • Radiator – Coolant / Antifreeze Change / Flush
  • Air Filter Replacement A/C – Air Conditioning
  • Wheel / Tire Alignment
  • Timing Belt Replacement / Inspection
  • Brake Inspection / Check / Repair /
  • Service Exhaust & Muffler Repair & Service
  • Honda Inspection Service
  • Transmission Service & Repair
  • Suspension and Shock Absorber repair service

The Honda Accord is one of the most beloved sedans ever. Excellent engineering, comfort, and reliability are reasons Accord owners often buy the same model again. However, every vehicle will have mechanical problems at some time or another.

Here are the top 5 most common Honda Accord repair problems.

#1: Vibration When Braking This problem typically is caused by warped front brake rotors. Some owners describe this as a rattling, shaking, or rubbing sensation. Accords with over 98,000 are more likely to experience this issue. In some cases, the rotors can be machined as a fix. If too thin, the rotors will require replacement. Brake pad and rotor replacement can

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5 Maintenance Tips for the Longevity of the Trailers

Proper maintenance of trailer parts is the most important thing after you are done with the setting up of the trailer. You should never treat these as an afterthought as it is only through them that your boat or truck becomes roadworthy. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not compare driving you car or truck with that of towing this. The following are some of the tips just to ensure that these always remain in the top condition.

Inspect suspension – You should check the suspensions properly. You can look for the wears and wears and tears of heat cracks on the air springs. You should properly see if anything is interfering with the movement. Apart from that, you should also see to it whether the air springs have sufficient air pressure.

Check tire – The tires are one of the major expenses and that is why you must take good care of the same. Adequate air pressure is the key to the longevity of the tires. The drivers get very busy when they are out on the road. That is why you should opt for tire pressure monitoring while the vehicle is

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Maintain Your Vehicle’s Tire

It is important to know how to maintain your vehicle tires accordingly. Proper tire maintenance will not only extend its life span, but also ensure safety to all users.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to ensure your tire maintained well.

Checking the tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge at least every month or more often when it’s cold outside. On average, tires lose around 1 psi (pound per square inch) every month and 1 psi every time the temperature drops 10 degrees F. It is important to maintain proper tire pressure.

Fill up under inflated tires to their recommended psi rating. You can typically find the recommended psi for your tires on your car’s vehicle information sheet attached to the panel of the driver’s side door or on the tires themselves. You can use the public air compressor at any gas station for a nominal fee or you can also fill up your tire with nitrogen for a better performance.

Make sure to rotate your tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Rotating tires ensure that they wear evenly and prolong the life of your tires. When you don’t rotate your tires, you run the risk of having one tire that

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